Eyebrow transplantation is actually a simple hair transplantation process. The FUE method is also used during this process. It takes about 3-4 hours.

First new eyebrow is planned and drawn with our doctor. Then hair grafts are harvested one by one.

Eyebrow transplantation has a feature that distinguishes it from other transplantations. Our eyebrows don't actually look like our hair, they aren’t thick and strong. For this reason, thin and weak hairs especially in the nape are selected and they are taken. During this procedure the person lies on face.

When sufficient grafts have been obtained the team gives a break . The patient rests and has lunch.

And then the area to be operated is anesthetized. Micro channels are opened according to the directions of the eyebrows. The grafts are inserted into these channels individually. This process takes about 2 hours.

The next day the bandage is removed. It is left open after the wound dressings.

The patients who come from a foreign country or another city may return after the wound dressing.

It is possible to return to daily life and work after 1 week.

All the transplanted eyebrows will fall out completely within 1 month.

After 3 months they start to grow slowly. They all come out within a year and are permanent for life.